Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8,2012

A Non Traditional Christmas Card for a girl.(:

November 7,2012(LATE POST)

A non traditional Christmas Card(:

November 6,2012(LATE POST)

Its almost that time of year(:

Novermber 5,2012(LATE POST)

Its Turkey Time(:

November 4,2012(LATE POST)

Super Cute Thanksgiving card(:

November 3,2012(LATE POST)


November 2,2012( LATE POST)

Give Thanks(:

November 1,2012 (LATE POST)


October 31, 2012 (LATE POST)

Happy Halloween! My Altered Witch Hat(:

October 30,2012 (LATE POST)

I got these ready just in time for halloween, for my teachers(:

October 29,2012(late post)

A Monster Filled Birthday Card(:

October 28,2012(late post)

SuperMan To the Rescue Birthday Card(:

October 27,2012(LATE POST)

Another Cute Notepad set(:

October 26,2012(LATE POST)

Flower Notepad set(:

October 25,2012(LATE POST)

Birthday Card(:

October 24,2012(LATE POST)

A super cute birthday card(:

October 23,2012(LATE POST)

A super cute and simple any day card to cheer someone up(:

October 22,2012 (LATE POST)

A Super cute baby shower card(:

October 21,2012 (LATE POST)

Super Cute Tigger Card(:

October 20,2012 (LATE POST)

A Notepad set for a boy(:

October 19,2012(LATE POST)

A magnet set(:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16,2012

Sweetest Day(:

October 15,2012 (LATE POST)

Friendship Card(:

October 14,2012(LATE POST)

Sweetest Day(:

October 13,2012 (LATE POST)

Sweetest Day(:

October 12,2012(LATE POST)

Sweetest Day(:

October 11,2012(LATE POST)

Sweetest Day Card(:

October 10,2012 (LATE POST)

Sweetest Day Card(:

October 9,2012(LATE POST)

Sweetest Day Card!(:

October 8,2012 (LATE POST)

Sweetest Day Card(:

October 7,2012 ( LATE POST)

A Cute Baptisum Card(:

October 6, 2012 ( LATE POST)

A Cute Birthday Card(: